A Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating

Whether you’re on a relaxing spa break or a multi activity holiday, remembering that what you do to the outside of your body is just as important as what you put into it, is essential to having a healthy holiday. By selecting the right foods and eating in the right way while at a nutrition friendly retreat you can increase your energy levels, aid weight loss and generally feel better inside and out.

Variation and moderation is key

bliss salad

Make your meals as colourful as possible for maximum nutrients

Your diet needs to include all kinds of fruits, vegetables, proteins, like meat and eggs, carbohydrates, like breads and pastas and dairy, like milk and cheese. Balance is crucial, so make sure you’re getting the right amount of everything from a variety of sources. Finding the right healthy holiday diet for you is essential; whilst a detox holiday would require a cleansing diet, a fitness holiday would demand a diet to keep up your strength.

Have a good breakfast

bodyholiday breakfast

Start the day off right with a healthy breakfast

In the mornings, your body’s blood sugar is very low, given that you have zero food consumption during sleep. Therefore, it’s crucial that you look at why healthy eating is good for you and choose to restore your energy reserves with a healthy breakfast. Eating slow energy releasing carbohydrates, such as brown breads or fibrous cereals, will keep you feeling fuller for longer and give you energy until lunch. Consuming more of your daily calories towards the start of the day also means they are more likely to be burnt off.

Eat little and often

Ti Sana snacks

Keep your metablism boosted with small snacks

To keep your metabolism running fast and your energy levels constant on an active weight loss holiday it can be best to eat 6 smaller meals throughout the day, rather than three large ones at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between your three main meals, have healthy snacks as these will mean your lunch and dinner are generally smaller. Nuts, seeds and bananas are all good sources of protein and energy, which will leave you feeling full and satisfied in between meals.

Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables

vegetables ti sana

Fill up on delicious fruits and vegetables

It’s well known that fruit and vegetables are extremely important in your diet and that we should have at least 5 portions a day, so that we get all the vitamins and minerals we need. Embrace the benefits of clean eating on a cleansing detox holiday or simply incorporate more fresh produce into your holiday dining choices. When you’re craving something sweet, avoid the pitfalls of sugary treats and reach for fruit like a fresh pear or zesty pineapple to get a tasty sugar hit that won’t leave you feeling guilty or lethargic.

Don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach

phuket sushi

Stop when you feel satisfied, not full

Everything looks so temping when faced with a buffet of options, that we often pile too much on our plates, and end up eating more than we need. By choosing a smaller plate, you’ll limit the amount of food you can place on it, and thus how much ends up in your stomach. It’s also worth bearing in mind that your body takes around 20 minutes to send signals to your brain that you’re full, so don’t eat to capacity - get to feeling 70% full and stop. You’ll feel a whole lot better after you finish.


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