What Happens to Your Brain and Body During a Digital Detox Retreat

With most of us spending the majority of our day scrolling down our smart phones or responding to emails, it is difficult to fully switch off and relax. Take the necessary steps to positively enhance your life in order to focus on what’s truly important. With countless bonuses of switching off, kick start your journey with a digital detox retreat and take action now to reverse the effects of poor posture and lack of concentration before it’s too late. Boost your mental and physical wellness and start to feel happier by partaking in fun activities that boost your brain power in natural ways as you reclaim your time and start to feel free again.

Be in the moment, rather than seeing it through an electronic screen. Here, we share what happens to your brain and body during a digital detox retreat.

Better sleep patterns

sleep detox

Improve your sleeping patterns to wake up feeling re-energised on a spiritual and holistic retreat

Let’s face it, everyone checks their phones right up until they turn the lights off before bed. But the light from the screens of mobile phones or laptops has been scientifically proven to cause sleep problems and results in low quality sleep. The blue light stimulates the brain and suppresses melatonin levels, making us more alert and therefore harder to drift off. With sleep being a main focus on a digital detox retreat, embrace the opportunity to enhance your sleep pattern on a brain and body digital detox retreat and wake up feeling revived, reenergised and refreshed.

Improved posture

posture detox

Focus your energy on good posture to alleviate back pain on a wellness holiday

Technology causes negative effects on posture because we’re so accustomed to slouching in a computer chair or focusing our energy down into a mobile phone resulting in rounded shoulders and back and neck pains. Embrace a non-digital way of life on a yoga and Pilates retreat and learn how technology affects your brain and body as you enhance posture with activities like yoga and Pilates. By removing the causes of poor posture, your energy will immediately be focused on looking ahead of you, beating back pain as a result. This improves eye contact within conversations, emitting an approachable aura as you walk into a room.


appreciation detox

Learn to appreciate the natural beauty of your surroundings in Greece

With an increase in eye contact, deeper bonds are created with more stimulating and empathetic conversations. When we’re plugged into our devices, we don’t absorb and recognise what’s around us. By embarking upon a technology free healing holiday, learn how the digital world affects our brain and body as you embrace the natural beauty that surrounds you. Utilise and reawaken all six senses in order to distance yourself from the negative effects of mobile phones and tablets.

Improved attention span

attention detox

Channel your energy and attention on your own well-being with a luxury spa break

With so many different outlets of technology going off all the time, your attention span is split between different devices instead of channelling all your energy on one task at a time. As a consequence of this, even when we do focus all our energy on one thing, we are so used to splitting our concentration across so many devices that our attention span diminishes when we try to do one task. Retrain your brain and body on a digital detox and meditation retreat in order to boost your concentration levels, resulting in a higher productiveness.

Improved memory

memory detox

Improve your memory and become more present with a specialist retreat

Research suggests that by removing technology, people can remember more obscure details that were mentioned in conversations. Many benefits of a digital detox and spa holiday would be that people become more present in conversations, increasing the absorption and storage of information in the brain. Our brains learn to register even the tiniest bits of detail and this is crucial in the progression of bonding with new people and learning facts about them.


stress detox

Escape from the demands of technology and social media at Shanti Som

Switch off social media and put your laptop and phone away in order to truly embrace a digital detox on a de-stressing holiday. Checking emails constantly, updates in social media, browsing the internet or watching TV have all been linked to an increase in the production of Cortisol, the stress hormone which results in higher stress levels. Experience other ways to entertain yourself with fun activities like dancing, running or Pilates and yoga and heighten your knowledge about what happens to your brain and body during a digital detox retreat.

Real conversations

real conversations

Learn to listen more to those around you in Spain

Exchanges between people where mobile phones are present normally results in dull and boring conversations. Once removed, real conversations happen, causing people to tell stories, joke and gain insight into other people’s minds. Viral videos are not a platform of conversation that challenges people’s minds and opinions, so talk about something different for once as you meet new people on a singles detox holiday, without involving your phone to give your brain and body a rest from technology.

New perspectives

new perspectives

Re-evaluate your lifestyle and discover true happiness friends at Phuket Cleanse

With the removal of portable technology devices, people often take a look at their life and evaluate the true things that contribute to their happiness, having learnt about what happens to your brain and body during a digital detox retreat. The time spared from wasting it scrolling through Instagram can be rechannelled to contemplate more important issues like career choices and family. Swap the many hours in front of Netflix and embrace the outdoors with a run, or spend time refreshing old friendships.


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