Why You Should Start Planning Your 2022 Family Holiday Now

Father Fishing with his Daughter


After the last year of cancelled events, not being able to see the grandparents and home schooling, every family is craving a holiday! Whilst the sentiment at the moment is to stay domestic, that won’t stop us dreaming and we can start turning those dreams into a reality by planning a family holiday to look forward to in 2022. Break free from the normal routine, change up the scenery, and make meaningful memories while focusing on your whole family’s wellness.

There are many reasons you should start planning your family holiday now, from mental to financial benefits, let alone being able to see those joyous smiles appear on your kids faces as you tell them – It’s Happening!

 Family Playing Together


The power of anticipation is intrinsically related to happiness, this is demonstrated in how we lead our lives – by planning. This is not solely for efficiency, but it is proven by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology that the expectation of a positive event in the future lifts our moods, induces a happier emotional state and improves our coping mechanisms. Besides, knowing when our next ‘free time’ is away from busy modern life, creates hope and a goal, a milestone if you will. To read more about the mental health benefits of having a holiday to look forward to, read our article here.

Remove the Stress

Due to the recent travel restrictions over the last year, the demand for holidays has substantially risen. Those that want to secure their holidays for next year are booking them now. Most importantly though, travel planning can be an overwhelming task which is time consuming, so getting it sorted early removes the stress of any last-minute organising.  Especially when you know you have a limited window in which you can get away for that well-deserved break with the kids. Whether you’re looking to go away for a short half-term break or a longer period in the summer holidays, you can discover our top recommended family retreats by school holiday periods. Our Wellness Travel Specialists are also on-hand to make planning your healthy holiday as stress-free as possible!

Dedicated Family Time Together

Whilst you may have spent more time with your family over the course of the pandemic than ever before, much of it has might have been dedicated to home schooling, juggling work with childcare, and just ensuring they are fed, clothed, and watered sufficiently! Our exclusive Family TimeTogether™ holidays allow you the opportunity to spend meaningful time with your children taking part in fun and holistic activities that will bring you closer together. From water sports to cultural experiences to family spa treatments, there are lots of activities available to suit your family’s tastes and enhance your wellbeing as individuals and a collective. 

Children playing on sand dunes together

Say No to Settling

By planning your family wellness 2022 holiday now, it means all the options you want will still be available. This is not only true for the primary aspects such as which resort or hotel you’ll be staying at but the other aspects you may which take advantage of including sightseeing, wildfire tours and local events. It ensures you won’t miss out! Beat the rush and book now to avoid disappointment!


This is the number one financial rule when it comes to booking in advance. Typically, family’s do not have the care-free ability to book somewhere last minute due to an abundance of responsibilities. Therefore, planning allows you to get cheaper flights and better rates at retreats and take advantage of current offers before they expire. Besides, planning sooner rather than later helps spread the cost, easing the entire process.


Health in general has become a very hot topic, brought into sharp relief as a result of the pandemic, it is one of the most imperative aspects of life and therefore family well-being. An action-packed family holiday has numerous fitness benefits for both children and parents. But it’s not just about diets and exercise, family holidays are great for building relationships and your child’s development too!



Learn about a healthier more holistic lifestyle while playing, laughing, and creating meaningful memories, for an even happier home with stronger bonds. Get a jump on the excitement of having a holiday together in 2022 with our range of family wellness holidays, offering a vast array of choice and activities tailor-made to give you the ultimate holiday of a lifetime!

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