• Recover from Sports Injuries: 5 Healing Holidays to Get You Back On Track

    The most important step for anyone dealing with sport related injuries or muscle strains and tears is recognising the warning signs from your body and knowing how best to respond to these stress signals. Ease yourself into the recovery process on a rejuvenating healing holiday where expert diagnosis and private consultations will guide you as you start your rehabilitation.

  • Romantic Healthy Holidays for Valentines Day

    With Valentine's Day approaching, it's not too late to book a break away for a truly romantic and healthy getaway. We recommend our top five romantic and healthy holidays for couples this year.

  • Samantha’s Review of Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

    What is Absolute Sanctuary and who’s it for?

    Celebrating 10 years in 2018, Absolute Sanctuary is a Moroccan inspired boutique retreat in Koh Samui. The hotel is also part of leading health & lifestyle brand, Absolute You, which includes a training academy and from which they draw their expertise in fitness and nutrition. Previously well-known for their detox and yoga programmes, they have successfully evolved their offerings and now also offer an excellent range of fitness, de-stress, weight loss (voted the best value by Conde Nast Spa Traveller UK) and the only dedicated Pilates Reformer bootcamp in Asia Pacific.

  • Samantha’s Snapshot Review of Point Yamu, Phuket

    Como Point Yamu is undeniably luxurious and sits in one of Phuket's more serene areas, just 25 minutes from the International airport. With the emphasis on wellness that the COMO brand is famous for, the vibe is electric and tranquil at the same time, expect top quality service with just 79 rooms, including 50 suites.

    Here you can enjoy complimentary daily classes, as well as the luxurious Shambhala spa and cuisine if you choose or opt to dine on divine Italian fare or heavenly Thai cuisine. The perfect destination for a short break, a luxury healthy honeymoon or if you like to begin the day with yoga and watch the sunset over cocktails!

  • Saving Your Relationship with a Couples Wellness Retreat


    Kinder on the bank balance than a divorce, troubled couples who don’t want to give up on their relationships are opting for what’s becoming known as the ‘save-cation’. However, save-cations where you just sit by the pool and complain isn’t going to help reignite that spark. Cue the Couples Wellness Retreat. Whether you’re hoping to talk honestly about your issues during formalised relationship counselling or reconnect as you hike the Himalayas together, we believe that a personalised couples' wellness retreats is the best path towards saving your relationship.

  • Self-Care Is the New Health Care Prescription

    80% of heart disease, stroke and Type 2 Diabetes, and over one third of cancers can be prevented with self-care: removing risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet, physical
    inactivity and excess alcohol consumption.

  • Sophie’s Review of La Clairière Bio & Spahotel

    In need of a spring healthy break I headed for a long weekend to France at La Clairière Bio & Spahotel, in the picturesque Alsace region of La Petite Pierre. A family-owned establishment, this wellness retreat is small and welcoming with a friendly atmosphere. From the organic, seasonal food to the ecological bathroom products, it has an unpretentious air which enables you to feel instantly at home. I was lucky enough to be in a Deluxe room with an additional sitting area and large balcony, but the Comfort rooms are perfectly sized for a couple, or friends sharing. The Classic rooms are elegantly furnished and cosy but perhaps better suited to solo travellers, though I would advise to upgrade if staying more than a couple of nights.

  • Spa Breaks to Heal a Broken Heart

    A broken heart can welcome unwanted stress into your life, and it may feel like your world has been torn apart. Eliminate mournful emotions and jet-off on a much needed spa break to kick-start your journey to self-love and healing. Set sail on an anti-stress voyage where you can discover the world of Shirodhara (ritual to rest and calm the mind), or grasp some of the action on a singles holiday, featuring a range of group classes and personalised spa packages, where only the best and most natural products are used to help you fully mend and unwind, leaving you with a more positive outlook.

  • Special Retreat: Learn all about Keto on a Wellness Retreat at REVIVO in Bali

    One of our newest partners, REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts, located south of Bali, is hosting an exclusive Ketogenic Retreat from 18th to 24th November 2018, as part of the new luxury wellness resort's series of mind and body programs. The 7-day retreat will be led by Primal Health and Pilates specialist, Azza Keith, who will impart valuable insights on the benefits of a ketogenic diet paired with tailored exercise plans to help guests develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Azza has a Masters in the Science of Exercise and Nutrition, as well as a qualification in health coaching. She also completed personal transformation training and has led seminars in personal growth and on achieving career and personal aspirations.

  • Specialist Weight Management Retreats to Tackle Britain’s Obesity Crisis

    In the midst of a rising obesity crisis, body-conscious Brits are turning to the hottest travel trend to combat weight gain. With a rise in overweight Britons searching further afield for long-term weight loss results the travel sector has seen a recent rise in Brits deciding to banish the bulge for good. From juicing cleanses in the Philippines to holistic medical treatments in Italy, our specialist weight management retreats are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking more than just a quick fix to the complex issue of obesity.

  • Staying Healthy on Holiday

    Staying Healthy on Holiday

    Going on holiday doesn't mean that you have to give up your health and fitness regime in favour of partying and over indulgence (although you most certainly can if you wish).

    If you want a break from your usual gym routine, then get away from it all and have fun keeping fit ensuring you come home looking healthier, lighter and more rejuvenated than ever. Staff at flight comparison site Skyscanner, reveal their favourite ways to eat well and exercise whilst on holiday.

  • Staying Safe in the Sun - Healthy Skin

    Dr. Stefanie Williams - Clinical DermatologistDr. Stefanie Williams

    Dr Stefanie Williams is a key opinion leader in dermatology and Medical Director of European Dermatology London, a private dermatology clinic in Harley Street and Chelsea Bridge. Her commitment to research and her passion for healthy skin led to the development of her own skincare boutique product range to help consumers find products which work and are proven to make a difference. With an expert aesthetic eye, Stefanie is very experienced in non-surgical treatments, fillers, botox, dermaroller, and skin revitalisation treatments. She has a special interest in the management of adult acne and skin pigmentation and has developed special medical facials tailored to soothe and heal. Dr Williams is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists, the British Cosmetic Dermatology Group, the European Society for Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology.


  • Steve Harvey - Benefits of Holistic Healing

    Steve Harvey - Zighy BaySteve Harvey

    Steve Harvey is an extremely gifted holistic healer, life and relationship coach and energy therapist, with an established global reputation, who has treated the likes of Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Donna Karan, and Bruce Willis to name a few. He is currently coaching at Zighy Bay in Oman where he helps his clients in maintaining the right attitude, in order to keep their lives, health, and relationships on track. His approach to wellness is through the body, mind, and spirit, and his understanding of Eastern and Western therapies have inspired many.


  • Summer Health Tips

    The excitement is killing me; it's nearly here, Aslan is but a couple of weeks away…

    On June 21st we not only celebrate the longest day in the year but, in doing so, WE WELCOME THE SUMMER.

  • Supercharge Your Mind and Body this Spring

    Spring is a season of change and opportunity where snow is thawing, birds migrate, and flowers are blooming. It is about time to forget negative thoughts, unhealthy habits that may have been a burden to both the mind and body. Now that Spring season has rolled in, let’s start with a clean slate, mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • Surviving the Snack Attack

    Surviving the Snack Attack

    When it comes to snacking, most people enthuse over crisps, biscuits and sweets and end up over indulging in a mini-meal. Snacks are supposed to help you stay full between meals and come in many under appreciated forms that can be good for your health, energy boosting and filling. The best news is that they can actually help you stay slimmer, if you snack on the right thing. People tend to make their worst diet decisions when they're famished. So, in order to survive the so-called 'snack attack', having nutritious snacks between each meal will increase your metabolism and help you burn calories.

  • Take Control of Your Sleep

    Dr Michael J. BreusDr. Michael Breus - Sleep Doctor

    Dr Michael J. Breus is a sleep expert and author of The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan. He is a clinical psychologist and one of the youngest to pass the board at the age of 31. As one of the only psychologists with his credentials out of 163 psychologists worldwide, Dr. Breus specialises in sleep disorders and is the diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and of The Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He is also author of Lose Weight Through Better Sleep and the creator of The Dr. Breus Bed. Dr. Breus treats athletes and celebrities and has appeared on CNN, Oprah, The View, and The Doctor's.


  • The (Not So) Sweet Truth

    The world's obesity problem shows no signs of slowing and recent research claims that it is not our caloric intake or exercise regime that has changed over the last 50 years; it is the sheer amount of sugar in our food. Rebecca Dorta, Nutritionist at Grayshott Spa, tells us why sugar is a major culprit in the case against obesity and many, if not all, health concerns. 

  • The 12 Month Wellness Holiday Guide for Australian Travellers

    Follow the sun, sea and a sense of wellness in 2017 with a year’s worth of inspiration in health-enhancing wellness experiences around the world. We share our month-by-month wanderlust guide of the best wellness holidays for 2017 so you can make this the year to nourish your mind, body and soul. 

  • The Benefits of a Yogic Detox

    The Benefits of a Yogic Detox

    With the trend of avid yoga fanatics growing year on year, Anil Singh, wellness expert at Zighy Bay in Oman, shares with us the benefits of a yogic detox on holiday.

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