How to Choose the Right Wellness Holiday for You

How to Choose the Right Wellness Holiday for You


Booking a wellness holiday can sometimes be overwhelming for those new to this type of getaway as there is so much choice! To understand a wellness holiday, imagine it as a tall oak tree, reaching up high…stay with us here…this is relevant…we promise! Now, this huge tree has many different branches reaching out in different directions, each unique but essentially, they are still connected at the trunk of the tree. Okay, no more literary jargon, but what we’re getting at is how a wellness holiday can be made up of many elements that can cater for many different aspects to ultimately improve your wellbeing. A wellness holiday can be focused on fitness, detoxification, mindfulness, weight loss, medicine, and so much more, perhaps a blend of all of them. Keep reading if you want to discover the perfect wellness holiday for YOU!  


What are your goals? 


When looking for the perfect wellness holiday, it is crucial to do some soul-searching to work out exactly what you want to gain from your getaway. We’ve discussed this briefly but to go into deeper detail it is good to have the main goal, something to fundamentally aim toward. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t experience other luxuries when away but focusing mainly on one aspect will maximise results. To give you some inspiration, here is a list of popular wellness holiday goals: 


  • A Full Body DetoxThis all about ridding your body of nasty pollutants that have detrimental effects on your body’s state of being. detox holiday tends to open with private consultation to tailor aspects of the programme to your disposition. For example, we completely understand that getting daily colonic cleaning, rather surprisingly, might not be for everyone! Nutritious meal plans, detoxifying scrubs, medical practices and herbal saunas await on these types of healthy holidays. A great choice for a comprehensive detox is Kamalaya in Thailand, which provides three-tiers of entry points into the world of detoxification, Introduction to Detox’, ‘Basic Detox Rejuvenation’ and Comprehensive Detox Rejuvenation’.   

  • De-Stress and Relax: After an incredibly challenging year for all, many are seeking a moment to pause and rest! A relaxation-based de-stress holiday aims to have you feeling renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Many wellness retreats will use a fusion of Western science and traditional eastern techniques, as well as state-of-the-art Spa facilities to provide a truly calming experience. A top wellness retreat to indulge into is Lefay Dolomiti in Italy and their Osteopathy and Ayurveda programme. This tranquil haven begins with a tailored consultation and follows with multiple bespoke Osteopathic treatments, twinned with Ayurvedic treatments such as Abhyanga and calm-inducing Shirodhara. 
  • A Complete Weight-Loss Experience: Wknow the lockdowns in 2020 were not particularly kind to the waistline, I’m sure many of you can empathise with us on that! A weight-loss retreat focuses more-so on the physical aspect of wellness, with the sole aim of helping weight loss as well as educating guests on nutrition and fitness so that they can continue losing weight and bring home this newfound wellness. An added perk is the stunning environments surrounding these wellness retreats, workout on the beach, trek through sweeping mountains or hit the immense gym facilities. A great choice for weight loss is BodyHoliday on the sandy shores of St Lucia. Ocean kayaking, beach fit, and TRX training await amongst so much more!
  • Mindful Journey: Mindfulness and spirituality are particularly important at the moment; it is paramount to take your mental health seriously and to nurture it if it needs some assistance after an understandably rough period of time with a mindful holidayThese wellness retreats champion mental wellness and clarity through yoga, meditation as well as stunning spa treatments to offer a truly calming experience and to find your inner Zen. Set in the jungles of Bali, Bliss Body Retreat is the perfect mindfulness escape, with Chakra meditation, restorative yoga and even excursions to an ancient Balinese temple.
  • Medical: Like many of the other choices here, a medical reboot could be exactly what your body is after for 2021 boost your immune system. A medical holiday can improve your overall being of focus on particular aspects such as anti-ageing, stopping smoking, sleep enhancement and even post-cancer recovery. An outstanding choice for a medical spa holiday would be SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain, this contemporary wellness escape is as high-tech and advanced as it is beautiful! Expect immunotherapy, electromagnetic balance sessions, osteopathy, and physiotherapy and this merely scratches the surface! This destination exhibits exactly how a wellness holiday can drastically improve your health! 


When and where?