Raymond's Review of Phuket Cleanse

Review of Phuket Cleanse

What is Phuket Cleanse and who’s it for?

Phuket Cleanse is an all-encompassing active holiday that covers everything from fitness, nutrition to mindfulness, and mental wellness. It follows a dynamic cleanse and food-as-medicine philosophy, promoting the power of movement and clean eating as a means to detoxify the body. The retreat can be tailored for each individual’s goals and guests can choose to be as active and physical or as relaxed and meditative as they want. A wide range of activities are at your disposal, from hiking, Muay Thai, HIIT, strength training, to different yoga and meditation styles, stand up paddle boarding, cooking classes and more. Rest and recovery are also an integral part of the program, incorporating various practices such as hot and cold immersion therapy (alternating ice baths and sauna), breath work, and massage.

Beach Bootcamp at Phuket Cleanse

Whatever your wellness intentions are, they can be catered for at Phuket Cleanse. There is something for everyone, whether a fitness junkie, or someone who just needs a lifestyle overhaul. The foremost charm of the retreat lies on its warm and friendly vibe, with knowledgeable staff who genuinely love what they do and a laid-back atmosphere that makes it easy for guests to socialise and relax. Travel solo, meet like-minded guests and equally have some time alone, or come with your squad, a partner, a friend or even with your family (a couple with their 12-year old daughter, the youngest guest of PC to date, had tons of fun) and enjoy a meaningful and remarkable experience.

Yoga classes at Phuket Cleanse

Getting There

Included in your stay is a taxi service which will take you to the retreat in a short 45-minute drive from the Phuket International airport.

Accommodation and Facilities

The property has 18 rooms divided in three blocks; the Main Villa, Big Villa and the Extension Block. Each room is tastefully decorated and unique, with king-sized or twin beds, an en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning and fan, towels, and organic toiletries, plus daily housekeeping and unlimited laundry service. My room was a beautiful and spacious standard category room that had a clean calming scent and pleasant ambient lighting for optimal sleep and relaxation.

Dining at Phuket Cleanse

The grounds have a homey feel, with a communal dining hall, an open kitchen, a fridge (where you can basically have protein drinks and juices on tap and unlimited supply of clean drinking water) and a main lounge where you can relax, read books or socialise.

The Wellness Park with ice bath, sauna and steam room is located near a small pond and just by one of the entrance points of the Big Villa.

Pool and Entrance at Phuket Cleanse

At the second level of the main villa, you will find an al fresco pool area, a daybed and a meditation room. The spa is in a separate building of the complex, where most therapies (complimentary massages are taken in your own room) and some open air yoga classes are held. Directly across the road is an extension building, with its own pool, a kitchen where some of the daily cooking lessons are taught and the ‘Neuro light’ treatment room.

Pool area at Phuket Cleanse

Almost all fitness activities are run offsite at the Raw Fitness Gym; just 5 minutes away and accessible with readily available transfers, which can also take you to the nearby shopping spots and the beautiful Nai Harn beach.

Beautiful sunset at Phuket Cleanse

Muay Thai, HIIT, Bikram yoga, deep stretch, spin classes and more are conducted at the gym.

Learn aerial yoga at Phuket Cleanse's Raw Fitness Gym

The Food

The food at Phuket Cleanse is a healthy gastronomy that’s an adventure on its own! The menu varies daily, with a different theme set for each day, from scrumptious Thai food, Asian fusion to taco Tuesdays and western favourites all with a vegan-vegetarian twist. Fish and egg dishes are also offered upon request and availability. Everyday looks like a bountiful feast with an exquisitely decorated table and a vibrant fare lovingly prepared for everyone to share.

Healthy food options at Phuket Cleanse

Guests can opt for a ‘Juice Feast’ (take note: not ‘Fast’) program for a more comprehensive detox holiday, which is usually recommended for those who are not doing the more physically demanding activities. Special juices, elixirs and different healthy concoctions can be requested through an order sheet at the dining area. My favourite was the ‘Macaccino’ (a perfect coffee alternative!), a mix of maca with hints of coconut and cinnamon, which was like a warm hug in a cup!

The Wellness Program

The all-encompassing approach allows for so much flexibility and your program can be whatever you need it to be. There’s a slate of activities each day which you can order and mishmash upon getting your initial wellness and fitness evaluation. You can make it a fitness holiday with cardio and strength classes, or make it about cleansing the body with different spa and healthy food options, or decluttering the mind with yoga, meditation, and alternative therapies—it’s the perfect wellness chameleon. It really depends on what your goals are.

The Staff

I felt right at home upon being welcomed by the PC team. Lauren who ran our orientation and my fitness evaluation was a delight to talk to whilst Amanda (a former guest now an intern at the retreat) was a dear and showed me around the property and made sure I had everything I needed. Both were friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating, and so are the rest of the staff. I really learned a lot from everyone, from the different coaches, fitness trainers, nutritionists and kitchen staff. Everyone was nice and open, approachable and easy to talk to—you will feel like you are among family.

Jason, Abby and Raymond after HIIT class (left) and class participants stretching (right)


There’s not one highlight of my stay as everything was enriching and meaningful. I was like a child in a (~healthy) candy store, grabbing every opportunity to learn and better myself in all aspects. There were a plethora of treatments on offer, and was lucky enough to experience what has become my favourite therapy so far (not once, but twice!), the Ajna Light therapy. It was a surreal experience, facilitated by Sebastian who shared a lot of fascinating stories and his wisdom with me. Also worth mentioning is the Ananda Mandala group meditation, a rhythmic breathing meditation followed by a concentrated and focused introspection on each chakra or energy centre. The session left me in utter bliss and made me feel all sorts of warm fuzzy tingles.

Being a regular workout junkie, I had a blast with all the fitness activities. I usually do a lot of strength training but not enough cardio – HIIT AMRAP and Muay Thai cardio got me out of my training slump. They were among the toughest workouts I’ve done but was quite pleased to have finished the classes. I wanted more at the end of it! The ice bath and sauna were a combo that I looked forward to after the intense action.

Muay Thai (left) and HIIT (right) 

My Summary and Verdict

If you want to make real positive changes in your life, Phuket Cleanse is well worth the trip. The social dimension of the retreat and its people are its strength and whatever your goals are, they truly have you covered.


Notes and Recommendations

  • It’s one of those trips where you can pack light. Do bring enough workout clothes but if you run out, laundry service is available daily with a same day return policy if you drop them off before 2pm.
  • Food is served three times a day, but if you feel hungry in the middle of the day, you can simply go to the kitchen and ask for a snack or a smoothie.
  • Book your complimentary massages and other treatments the day prior, to ensure availability.

"Whatever is good for your soul, do that!"

Book through Health and Fitness Travel and receive an additional complimentary VIP Muay Thai training session, spa treatment (Facial, Body Scrub, etc.) and a consultation with a Physique Transformation Specialist.

How to Book

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Fact Box

Best time of the year to go: December to March
Months to book in advance for: Christmas & New Year
No. of Rooms:18
Check-in/check-out: 3:00pm / 12:00pm (flexible if available)
Wi-Fi: Available in all rooms. Speed is good. 
Children: Yes
Reception/Room Service: There is a concierge table but a staff member is always around during the day
Alcohol: No
Nearest Airport: Phuket International (HKG)
Airport transfer time: 45-60 minutes 
Address: Phuket Cleanse Villa, 49/105 Moo 1 Soi Nanachat / Sai Yaun Road, Amphur Muang, Rawai, Phuket, Thailand