The Benefits of a Detox Retreat with Dr. Maria Romeralo

Benefits of a Detox Retreat with Dr. Maria Romeralo


Photograph of Dr Maria Romeralo Nutritionist at SHA Wellness Clinic, Dr. Maria Romeralo, developed her expertise in the field through her extensive studies in Biology, Nutrition and Dietetics. After a number of years working as a researcher and nutritional consultant at several universities in the UK, USA, Sweden and Spain, Maria decided to create her own nutritional consultation to help people to change their lives using holistic practices combining Eastern and Western knowledge. Maria brings her passion for nutrition to her work at SHA Wellness Clinic, where she constructs personalised health plans to support her clients’ needs and give them the tools to develop and maintain a healthy diet throughout the detox retreat and beyond.


We caught up with Dr. Maria Romeralo to understand the key benefits of a detox retreat at SHA Wellness Clinic, and how our diet can affect health and wellbeing. 

What are your top tips for improving nutrition?

Have a personalized nutrition consultation with an expert to create a plan. Take cooking classes, learn what to eat and what to avoid. Apart from diet, a healthy routine is also fundamental; exercise, meditation and breathing exercises.

How do you go about nutritionally detoxing your clients at SHA?  

At SHA Wellness Clinic we base our food concept on organic, fresh, seasonal, local, plant-based, and Mediterranean ingredients. Nutrition is the pillar of our detox program.  

We avoid acidic forming food such as meat, sugar, refined products, eggs, and dairy, and use daily fresh veggies, fermented products like miso, lentils, beans, chickpeas or fish, seeds and nuts, seaweed, and organic olive oil.

We start the day with a miso soup (great to detox the body from toxins), some protein (humus or avocado) and some complex carbs for energy (porridge). Fasting is also possible if desired. In that case, breakfast will consist of an alkaline drink and the powerful miso soup. 

Our medicinal drinks are famous among our clients: “Kukicha” for digestion, “Mu” for energy and “Apple-kuzu” to sleep and relax are some of the favourites.  

Why is it important to detox with specialists as opposed to on your own?

Each person is different, and a good detox needs to be adjusted to personal requirements to be really effective. Here at SHA Wellness Clinic, we make specific detox programs appropriate to each client’s situation. 

Some people need to focus on a liver detox, some on a digestive cleanse and others need to boost their immune system. The main reason a specialist is necessary is because we teach our guests how to improve their habits in order to feel better for longer. A detox with an accredited expert will provide lasting health benefits. 

How important is a healthy liver?

The liver is one of the most important organs in the body. It converts the nutrients we eat into chemicals that our body can use, and it purifies our blood. A healthy liver is absolutely necessary for good health. If our liver is healthy, we will be energetic, our sleep will be more peaceful and of higher quality, our emotions are likely to become balanced and we will feel calmer. Alternatively, an unhealthy or toxic liver implies bad mood, less patience, bad sleep, and low energy.

How can we boost our immunity through our diet?

Follow an alkaline diet: reduce/avoid meat, alcohol, sugar, coffee, processed food. Include a wide variety of fresh, organic, seasonal, and local food. Take one miso soup a day (anytime), maitake and reishi mushrooms supplements (before breakfast) and a tablespoon of Chucrut with your meals. Drink Kukicha tea at any time and ginger lemon tea after meals. Fermented foods are natural probiotics (miso, chucrut, apple cider vinegar, tamari...).

What does the detox programme at SHA involve?

The detox programme includes different medical consultations (revitalizing medicine, Chinese medicine, biological medicine…), a personalized nutrition consultation, specific foods, and drinks, a full programme of treatments, detox massages, personal trainers, talks and supplements such as our powerful SHA detox pills.

Guests are supervised throughout their stay to make sure things are going perfectly. We help our clients to purify their body without suffering from nutritional deficiencies.

What are the benefits of an Oxytest?

An Oxytest is a urine test that measures oxidation levels and free radicals in the body. Using the results of the Oxytest, we can make specific recommendations on diet and lifestyle. It is a very simple and quick test to do and gives us valuable information.

What are the best diet guidelines to get you started before your detox?

Stop eating processed food as well as stimulants such as sodas, coffee, alcohol, and sugar. If you aren’t already, start doing some exercise, eat green vegetables daily and drink enough water.        

Also, work on lowering stress levels. This is fundamental for a real detox. Deep breaths and contact with nature are key for reducing high levels of stress.  

What can clients at SHA expect to have gained from a nutritional detox when their stay ends?

The list of benefits is long, and includes more energy, improved digestion, better skin, better fitness, better mood, better sleep, and most importantly, a list of SHA healthy habits to continue at home. 

Many people look to detoxing as part of their new year’s resolutions in January, what advice would you give them?  

Write down your goals and set times for each of them. We create our future! Start body rubs at night from head to toe with a wet cotton towel on dry skin. More meditation, less medication!

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