Top Detox Retreats for Extending Your Dry January Efforts

We all have very different relationships with alcohol, some won’t touch it, some have it on special occasions, some drink multiple days a week and some sadly have a detrimental relationship with it. Regardless of your specific attitude toward alcohol, you will surely be aware that in moderation alcohol is okay, but any form of regularity or excess can have serious health consequences, affecting your weight, skin, and as it is a depressant, your mental health too. Now that we find ourselves in ‘Dry January’ we say why stop there? Whether you are looking to cut out alcohol entirely or just reduce your intake there is no better way to get it kickstarted than with an alcohol-free detox holiday. We have curated a list of the most bespoke and luxurious retreats that provide an idyllic location with access to cutting-edge wellness facilities and expert professionals to guide you through your alcohol detoxification journey.


Bali: Bliss Body Retreat


Deep in the Balinese Jungle, hidden away from the world rests a life-changing healing holiday. With a fusion of contemporary and traditional thatched architecture, this gorgeous destination does not serve any form of alcohol or caffeine, completely removing the temptation allowing you to focus solely on your detox. You will have a gourmet plant-based diet plan that has been specifically designed to refresh and renew the body. This wholesome diet nourishes and fuels you for mindful Yoga, Pranayama, and purification ceremonies. With this, enjoy nutrition seminars and lifestyle coaching to bring your new-found detox ethos home with you and carry it into the future.

Information and Booking: Bliss Body Retreat


India: Shreyas


Surrounded by the stunning tropical South Indian landscape on 25 acres of Eden you will find the spiritual Shreyas Yoga Retreat, which roughly translates in Sanskrit to ‘all-round excellence’. This is the perfect location for a deep detox as alcohol is banned from this retreat, as well as smoking and meat for a true health and wellness metamorphosis. Expect a multi-cultural vegetarian culinary journey featuring gourmet nutritious dishes from South America, Asia and of course India. This retreat also practises the traditional wellness art of Ayurveda, giving your body the chance to relax and unwind with Shirodhara, banana leaf wraps, aromatherapy and synchronised abhyanga to detoxify both the internal and external, making this a fantastic detox retreat and Ayurveda holiday.

Information and Booking: Shreyas


Thailand: Phuket Cleanse

Swap drinking for juicing with a stunning nutrition-friendly holiday! Based in the south of the tropical Thai island of Phuket, a short walk from three dazzling beaches lives this detoxification paradise. Nutrition and health run in this retreat’s veins with an organic vegan raw food and juice diet that gives the body all the nutrients it requires, as well as providing multiple cooking classes so you can apply this nutritional ethos when you return home. In between this one of kind gastronomical adventure, feel the burn with Muay Thai, yoga, Pilates, TRX, aqua-aerobics, beach boot camp and more, whilst also spending time unwinding receiving full-body massages or unwinding in the herbal steam room or infrared sauna.

Information and Booking: Phuket Cleanse


UK: Glass House Detox Retreat


If you don’t feel like globe-trotting to find an alcohol-free haven, then look no further than Glass House Detox Retreat, Essex. Kickstart 2021 (COVID-permitting) with a cutting-edge detoxifying spa holiday, surrounded by the verdant British countryside only an hour from busy London. A contemporary wonder, Glass House offers stimulating detoxification with a blend of nutrition where you pick between three fully interchangeable health-centric diet plans. With this, prepare for state-of-the-art modern wellness treatments including Lifecube sessions, Dermalux® facials and cryotherapy, as well as a full-body analyses with bespoke objective assessments, in this case, reducing alcohol intake. With this, there is also the option for a digital detox too, meaning you can put all distractions to one side and focus on your detoxification.

Information and Booking: Glass House


UAE: The Retreat Palm


Another fantastic destination for thorough alcohol detox is The Retreat Palm in Dubai. Alcohol is already not readily available in the Middle-East due to the religious beliefs, so it is no surprise that alcohol is not served at this opulent escape that rests looking over The Arabian Gulf. The first of its kind in the Middle-East, this holistic detox haven offers a blend of medical wellness treatments and calming detoxifying therapies varying from naturopathic coaching, nutritional detox coaching, colour-aromatherapy, DNA testing, as well as holistic integrative therapy, detox algae wrap, acupressure and pain management therapy. This luxury retreat is also home to a myriad of wellness facilities and multiple restaurants varying in style and how strict you want to detox, you can decide between full board or a juice cleanse option, for an effective weight loss holiday.

Information and Booking: The Retreat Palm


Thailand: Chiva-Som


This award-winning luxury wellness destination is perched on the Hua Hin coast looking out over the Gulf of Thailand. Chiva-Som is home to expert detox professionals, as you are assigned a personal wellness advisor who makes sure you have the tailored detoxification experience you deserve, also making this the perfect singles holiday. After a wellness consultation, you can decide between a more gentle or full-on strict diet plan that heals the body and soul. With this, enjoy a detox supplement set, Maya massage, lymphatic drainage, and Chi Nei Tsang. Not to forget the stunning facilities with an extensive spa, gymnasium, Yoga pavilion and Kinesis studio. (It is important to note that this retreat does serve alcohol from 6pm onwards in the evening, so this may not be those who do not want any form of temptation, rather for those who want to lower their intake.).

Information and Booking: Chiva-Som


Covering different parts of the globe from short to long haul, with varying programme lengths and added wellness facilities, we’re proud to offer these top detox retreats for extending your Dry January efforts.  If you need any more information or guidance on alcohol detox holiday perfectly tailored to your needs, then please contact us to chat with one of our Wellness Travel Specialists! 


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